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Jane Sterk leaving as leader of Green Party of BC

I’ve met Jane Sterk a couple of times, and I think she is an extraordinary person. She is committed to the idea that politicians should strive to represent their constituents. Elected officials should not be forced to toe the “party line.”  She is open to new ideas and she believes that personal values, such as integrity, are important in politics.

She took a provincial party that was receiving almost no media coverage and helped fashion it into a strong third party for British Columbia.

It is disappointing to hear she is leaving.

But she phrased it in a way that makes sense: “Had a good run, at best before date, want new adventures.”

Political parties respond to cannabis research trial question from Stop the Violence BC

Today, Stop the Violence BC released the results of its question to all political parties in BC. The question asked each party whether they would oppose a small-scale research trial to evaluate the taxation and regulation of adult cannabis use. NDP and the Greens said no (ie. they would not oppose the trial). BC Liberals said yes and the Conservatives refused to answer the question.