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Murray Rankin part 3

Does age matter?

The average age of a Member of Parliament is 51 years old. In British Columbia, our oldest MP is Hedy Fry who is 71 years old. Our youngest is Mark Strahl at 34. He basically inherited the seat from his father, so if you look at the next youngest it would be Dan Albas at 35.

There is no need to choose a young MP for the sake of choosing a young MP. The NDP is flush with young MP’s as a result of the orange crush in Quebec. The party has fifteen MP’s under the age of thirty. By comparison the Liberals and the Conservatives have no one under thirty.

People live and work longer these days, and Victoria is a mature political riding. It lies in the heart of our provincial capital. Its residents should send someone to Ottawa who is full of wisdom, the kind that comes with five or six decades of a full life. This is what I liked so much about Denise Savoie and it’s what I like about Murray Rankin.