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“Gas and Dash” legislation by province

Another tragic “Gas and Dash” death has occurred, this time in Toronto:

The attendant ran out of the northwest Toronto station’s convenience store and almost into the path of the vehicle, trying to stop a driver making a run for it without paying for gas. From Ann Lapenna’s sixth-floor balcony, it looked like Mr. Prajapati grabbed the tailgate as the car sped up and screeched off.

 But it was clear within moments that he couldn’t get loose. The speeding SUV dragged the man along the pavement for more than half a block. It took the bump from a pair of defunct streetcar tracks to knock him free.

Here are the provinces that have legislation requiring customers to pay before they pump. It’s a short list:

  • British Columbia

No other provinces have come on board, in part because of opposition from groups like the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute.

These crimes are preventable through legislation. I’ve started a new page, Gas and Dash Victims, to keep track of these needless deaths.