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Gas and Dash Victims

Here are the victims of Gas and Dash crimes in Canada:

  1. Grant De Patie (2005 in Maple Ridge, BC)
  2. Hashem Atifeh Rad (2011 in Mississauga, Ontario)
  3. Jayesh Prajapati (2012 in Toronto, Ontario)

Here are the provinces with legislation requiring customers to pay before they pump:

  • British Columbia

No other provinces have come on board, in part because of opposition from groups like the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute. Yet these deaths are easily preventable through legislation.

Some might argue that individual gas stations should be free to choose whether to adopt pre-pay. But the gas station industry is competitive. By introducing legislation for all service stations, a level playing field is created. It forces all stations to change at the same time.

Poignant quotes on Grant’s Law:

“When I worked at a gas station, I was asked to pay for stolen gas. I flat out refused, but I know others didn’t. I suspect this is the common thread in these deaths. I don’t understand the argument against pre-pay if it reduces theft and saves lives. Is it simply that gas stations don’t want to pay to upgrade their pumps? Is it cheaper to bully employees and hope no one files a wrongful death suit when the truth finally comes out?” (Former gas station attendant in BC)

“Grant’s Law, in my opinion, is a great thing here. You don’t go to WalMart, throw your junk in the car, and then go in and pay for it. Back in the day, shortages from runaways was usually between $600 and $1000. That’s profit right off the bottom line.” (Gas station manager in BC)