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Should BC municipalities and school boards switch to Linux?

Many municipalities, police departments and school boards in British Columbia struggle with their budgets each year. Perhaps they should consider following the lead of Munich, Germany:

Over €10 million (approximately £8 million or $12.8 million) has been saved by the city of Munich, thanks to its development and use of the city’s own Linux platform. The calculation of savings follows a question by the city council’s independent Free Voters (Freie Wähler) group, which led to Munich’s municipal LiMux project presenting a comparative budget calculation at the meeting of the city council’s IT committee on Wednesday. The calculation compares the current overall cost of the LiMux migration with that of two technologically equivalent Windows scenarios: Windows with Microsoft Office and Windows with OpenOffice. Reportedly, savings amount to over €10 million.

Linux is open source, secure, flexible and free. Yet the only local government on southern Vancouver Island using Linux – that I know of – is School District 63.

Full line-up announced for TEDxVictoria

The full line-up is now out for TEDxVictoria. The event will be held on November 17th. It’s organized by a great group of people and it promises to be an amazing day.

Do you own a Canadian domain name?

I am supporting a local candidate, Kevin McArthur, for election to the board of CIRA.

CIRA is the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. This little known organization plays a role in our national sovereignty, our digital rights and our online economy in Canada.

The reasons why I am supporting Kevin are:

1) He’s demonstrated strong leadership in support of open data and net neutrality (see for his track record).

2) He is open-minded, hard working and extremely intelligent. He is a person of integrity.

In order to vote you need to own a .ca domain, and you also need to register (for free) as a CIRA member. CIRA doesn’t make it easy to register and vote, but Kevin is a candidate who is worth the effort.