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Police officer: “My son wears dresses; get over it.”

Matt Duron has written a heartfelt piece for The Atlantic about his “gender creative” son. Here is an excerpt:

I’ve been a police officer for more than 15 years. I’ve been a detective and now I’m a senior officer who trains the new recruits out on the street. Before that I was a firefighter. Before that I played football in college after playing baseball and football in high school, and lettering my sophomore year. I like beer, classic trucks, punk music, riding my motorcycle and catching the game with my buddies. I’m a stereotypical “guy’s guy” and hyper-masculine to a lot of people, I guess. Which may be why it surprises them when they find out that my son wears dresses. And heels, and makeup. It surprises them even more when they learn that I’m cool with it. And at this point, I wouldn’t want him to change. Because, if my son liked boy stuff and dressed like a boy, he wouldn’t be my boy, he’d be like a stranger.

Advocacy from WWF Canada

I stumbled across the advocacy guidelines for WWF Canada.  Here are the main points of their “advocacy with excellence” philosophy:

  • Being politically non-partisan
  • Being non-ideological
  • Being efficient
  • Getting results
  • Being scientifically accurate
  • Doing our homework well
  • Checking someone else’s homework
  • Staying within our area of expertise
  • Trying cooperative approaches first
  • Following due process internally
  • Taking the high road
  • Being prepared to say No

I like these a lot. These guidelines might not be appropriate for all non-profit advocacy groups, but they sure could help a lot of them.