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New issue of 10-8 police newsletter

A new issue of the 10-8 newsletter has just been released. Mike Novakowski does a great job with these newsletters. They will be of interest to any Canadian police officer or to anyone with an interest in criminal justice issues. This issue includes articles on the following topics:

  • Detention Justified: Clear Nexus Between Detainee & Crime
  • Trunk Search Lawful: Odour + Other Factors = Reasonable Grounds
  • Officers Civilly Protected By Reasonable Mistake Of Fact
  • Consent Relevant To Lawfulness Of Warrantless Dwelling Arrest
  • Youth Not Detained: s. 146 YCJA Did Not Apply
  • Stay Unwarranted: No Nexus Between Post- Investigation Charter Breach & Offences
  • Hit & Run: Intent Must Be To Avoid Civil Or Criminal Liability
  • Factors Viewed Collectively & Contextually Provide Necessary Grounds
  • Intention To Stop Arose On Public Highway: Private Property Pullover Lawful
  • Seatbelt Offence One Of Strict Liability
  • Reasonable Grounds To Be Assessed At Time Of Arrest