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100 years at the Wilkinson Road Jail

This article by Richard Watts is about the Wilkinson Road Jail, aka VIRCC, which turns 100 this month. It is a long article but worth the read. It is interesting to see how the use of the jail has changed over time, and also how security has tightened up in recent decades.

I take my hat off to the correctional officers who work in this prison. I don’t imagine for a second that this is an easy place to work. The executive director of the local branch of the John Howard Society praises some of the wardens and staff at this jail:

Dave Johnson, executive director of the prisoners’ advocacy group the John Howard Society in Victoria credits the various wardens and staff serving at Wilkie.

“We have been so fortunate,” said Johnson, a 20-year veteran of prison work. “They have had some really, really good wardens out at Wilkie.”

He said the institution has also had success with a community advisory committee, which has representatives from the surrounding neighborhood, B.C. Corrections and inmates. And in the midst of cost-cutting, the institution always finds a way to provide programs and assistance to inmates.