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Task force on municipal policing costs (part 2)

Here is another article about the 1978 task force on municipal policing costs.  The article is from the Spring 1979 issue of the British Columbia Police Journal.  I scanned it from a hard copy of the magazine. You won’t find it anywhere else on the web.

The article outlines a number of “principles” affirmed by the task force, including this one:

Current municipal contributions for police protection place a strain on local taxpayers in municipalities responsible for policing. Furthermore, the proportion of municipal expenditures going toward policing is increasing annually.

Of course, elected officials from 1978 would be shocked by the costs of policing in 2013.

And this one has been debated many times since 1978:

Some municipalities incur greater police costs as a result of special problems which they experience. The Task Force believes these municipalities should receive special assistance.