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Job posting: Director of Community Safety Services (Esquimalt, BC)

The Township of Esquimalt has created a new position called Director of Community Safety Services. It sounds like an amazing opportunity for the right person:

“Providing management expertise and advice to the Chief Administrative Officer and executive team, you will plan, coordinate and manage policing and law enforcement liaison; community policing and crime prevention initiatives; bylaw enforcement; emergency planning; and building inspection.

You will lead a team of qualified and committed staff to ensure that “best practices” are continuously reviewed and, where appropriate, adapted to Esquimalt’s benefit. In consultation with community stakeholders you will be responsible for long range planning and policy development in these areas and your efforts will improve the quality of life of Esquimalt’s residents ensuring that Esquimalt remains a livable, sustainable community.

Your abilities and knowledge include the identification and prioritization of community policing and emergency management; familiarity with the principles, practices and methods of community policing, emergency management and disaster preparedness; proven skills in effective communication; and the analysis, evaluation and design of operational policies and programs. Supported by a relevant Baccalaureate, you possess at least 10 years of senior experience in community policing, law enforcement and bylaw and emergency management. In addition, you possess, or are eligible for, Canadian Federal Government security clearance sufficient to interact effectively with policing agencies.”

The application deadline is July 31, 2013.