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Attorneys General across Canada

Current Attorneys General across Canada, ranked by time in office as AG:

  1. Rob Nicholson – Conservative (Government of Canada)   2366 days
  2. Ross Landry – NDP (Nova Scotia)   1469 days
  3. Andrew Swan – NDP (Manitoba)   1332 days
  4. Marie-Claude Blais – PC (New Brunswick)   989 days
  5. John Gerretsen – Liberal (Ontario)   616 days
  6. Janice Sherry – Liberal (PEI)   604 days
  7. Glen Abernethy – No party affiliation (NWT)   603 days
  8. Mike Nixon – Yukon Party (Yukon)   600 days
  9. Jonathan Denis – PC (Alberta)   414 days
  10. Gordon Wyant – Saskatchewan Party (Saskatchewan)   398 days
  11. Bertrand St-Arnaud – Parti Québécois (Quebec)   281 days
  12. Darin King – PC (Newfoundland)   251 days
  13. Suzanne Anton – Liberal (BC)   17 days

Rob Nicholson is the longest serving Attorney General in Canada right now, and he is also one of the longest serving in Canadian history.

Jonathan Denis appears to be the youngest Attorney General. He is 37 years old.

Most provinces have combined the positions of Attorney General and Solicitor General into one Ministry of Justice. In a few provinces, the Attorney General is responsible for the Ministry of Justice and there is a separate Minister of Solicitor General / Public Safety / Corrections. Prince Edward Island has the most interesting combination: the Department of Environment, Labour and Justice. It makes sense if you think about it. However, it probably only works somewhere relatively small (like PEI) due to the workload involved in each portfolio.