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Pattison Outdoor refuses to sell billboard space to Sensible BC?

Apparently, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising is refusing to sell billboard space to Sensible BC. Jeff Nagel from the Surrey North Delta Leader reports:

“Marijuana reform campaigners say they’ve been denied billboard advertising space with B.C.’s biggest outdoor ad firm in the key months leading up to their signature drive to force a provincial referendum.

Sensible BC director Dana Larsen said Pattison Outdoor has refused to sell the pot decriminalization campaign billboards in areas such as Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, Langley and the Tri-Cities.”

The Sensible BC campaign supports a referendum (planned for 2014) to decriminalize the personal possession of marijuana for adults in British Columbia. The basic idea is to free police resources, use tax dollars efficiently and ensure that otherwise law-abiding citizens do not end up with a criminal record. Please volunteer with the campaign, or make a donation.

I’m not sure what kind of legal remedy is available (if any) for Sensible BC. Also, it is a bit of a mystery as to why Pattison Outdoor might refuse to sell billboard space to an organization supporting democratic law reform.

Oh look, here is a case study showing that Pattison Outdoor helped make Tudor Beer the fastest growing import in Canada.

And here is something spooky: A media release about how Guinness used Pattison Outdoor to promote their beer as “A True Beer of Halloween.”

Here is an image from the “Innovation Gallery” featuring Strongbow beer on a Pattison billboard. (The innovation part is the two giant arrows sticking out of the billboard.)

The parent company of Pattison Outdoor is the Jim Pattison Group, which also owns the book of Guinness World Records.  I suspect they may have a new record under the category “hypocrisy”.

Beer company advertises on Pattison Outdoor billboard