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PartyX and the BC Mandate Campaign

PartyX is a relatively new political organization. I had not heard of them before today, but they have been around since 2011. Here is an excerpt from their web site:

PartyX is a non-partisan movement working towards a new, deeper and stronger form of democracy through the development of online tools that connect people and ideas. We are working to revitalize politics by making policies, issues and ideas as accessible as the online social networks we already know and love.

They have a special campaign for the 2013 provincial election in British Columbia called the BC Mandate Campaign:

In the four weeks leading up to the May 2013 election, PartyX will crowd-source a mandate for the next provincial government. PartyX will use Ethelo to identify a shortlist of policy initiatives and programs that will attract support from a wide variety of voters across the political spectrum.

The BC Mandate campaign will allow voters the freedom to discuss and understand the most important issues online before they vote. It is a non-partisan initiative that empowers voters to collectively define the direction they would like the next provincial government to take.

The result of the PartyX process will be published on the day of the BC Election, as a mandate for the next provincial government no matter what party is elected.

I don’t see this organization having any significant impact on the election (that said I wish them all the best). I also think that E-Day is the single worst day to release the results of their campaign. Nobody will be listening. Nobody will care. Three to seven days before or after election day would be much better.