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The last audit of the Esquimalt Police Department

This is an important historical document. It is over a decade old. I am not 100% sure, but this may be the first time that it has been publicly released. I am posting it here linking to the document publicly available on the Open Information web site (managed by the Government of British Columbia) so that people can learn about the history of policing in the Capital Regional District.

Update on March 26, 2013: Changes have been made to this blog post for legal reasons. I have removed the copy hosted on my personal web site. Instead, I am linking to the document entitled “Esquimalt Police Department Review” that has been released to the public by the Government of British Columbia on its Open Information web site. I apologize to any readers who many have set up a link to the (now removed) document. For those who are unfamiliar with the Open Information web site, here is a description from the “About” section:

“In an effort to become more open and transparent, the government is proactively working to provide citizens with access to the information that matters most to them – no closed doors or hidden agendas. It’s felt that this candid disclosure will create opportunities for citizens to participate in government and collaborate on decisions being made.

This type of information sharing is governed by legislation and policy that makes provision for the release of public information. These releases have been completed on a case-by-case basis – until now. Open Information provides access to the routine release of public information that has been most commonly requested (i.e. travel expenses for Ministers and Deputy Ministers). Additionally, individual requests for specific government information that are processed will also be released for general public viewing on this site.

This service will not only improve awareness, understanding and dialogue; it will create efficiencies that modernize and open up government. We invite you to take a look and get to know your government better – you may like what you find.”

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