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Ten ways NOT to get pulled over by the police

My whole life, I’ve never been pulled over by a police officer. Looking back, here are ten habits that have contributed to a clean driving record. You can do these, too:

1) I drive within ten kilometres of the speed limit.

2) I signal my turns.

3) I signal my lane changes.

4) I drive a car that looks legal. If your car looks illegal, you will probably get pulled over (in British Columbia, for example, this could mean tinted front windows).

5) I make sure my headlights are on at night (no headlights = possible drunk driver).

6) I make sure my driver’s license and my vehicle insurance are both valid (no insurance is an arrestable offence in British Columbia).

7) I make sure the insurance sticker on my rear license plate is up-to-date (sometimes people have insurance but they forget to update their sticker).

8) I wear my seatbelt.

9) I don’t drive like a jerk.

10) I don’t drink and drive.

These are just my personal thoughts, based on my personal experiences. Happy New Year everyone. May you all have a ticket free 2013. Please drive safe.

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