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Prospect Lake and District Community Association demands halt on the plans for sewage treatment pending cost benefit analysis

I received the following open letter via email today:

November 16, 2012

Frank Leonard, Mayor and Members of the Council: Susan Brice, Judy Brownoff, Vic Derman, Paul Gerrard, Dean Murdock, Vicki Sanders, Nichola Wade, Lief Wergeland

770 Vernon Avenue,

Victoria, BC V8X 2W7

Dear Mayor Leonard and Saanich Council,

Re: Town Hall Meeting organized by the Prospect Lake and District Community Association.

A town hall format meeting was organized and held at the Prospect Lake Community Hall on Spartan Road on Wednesday evening, November 14th. Seventy four people from the community attended to hear David Anderson, previous Federal Environment Minister, and Saanich Councillor Vic Derman, discuss the proposed GVRD sewage treatment center and it’s ramifications. Unfortunately, Councillor Judy Brownoff, a proponent for the project, refused to participate. The presentations were well received as were concerns and questions from the audience. As a medical doctor believing that sound science should overcome emotion, I was distressed that no proponent of this obviously flawed, billion dollar plus plan, would bother to participate and explain to community members what the benefits might be.

Aside from the fact that secondary treatment of sewage would in all probability be no better than the existing naturally occurring process, millions of dollars, better spent on practical needs such as social housing, medical care, rapid transit, and upgrades to infrastructure would be lost for a generation. Following the discussion, the following motion was proposed and passed unanimously.

Motion: The Prospect Lake District Community Association members demand a halt to the Proposed Sewage Treatment Plan pending an environmental review and cost benefit analysis. I hope that you, as mayor and council members, in view of available overwhelming scientific evidence, lend support to our community based concerns.

Yours Sincerely,

John Wrinch, Chair, PLDCA

cc. Saanich News, Victoria Times Colonist