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Murray Rankin part 4

I am impressed by the quality of the candidates for the NDP nomination in Victoria. Charlie Beresford, Ben Isitt, Elizabeth Cull and Murray Rankin should all be commended for their desire to serve in elected office at the federal level.

Here are a couple of quick thoughts about Murray Rankin and how he would fit into the NDP caucus.

Murray speaks French, he supported Mulcair during the federal leadership campaign and he’s worked in Ottawa before. He is a recognized legal expert in privacy, information and environmental law. He is the kind of person who could chair or vice-chair any number of committees in the House of Commons, including committees like Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics, or Justice and Human Rights.

The latter is particularly important, in my view. Many people have different views about crime and punishment. These are subjects of great public importance and they will always be debated in our society. There are many opportunities for justice reform.

The Enbridge pipeline is the issue of the day. Murray has considerable experience in environmental law and he currently leads Adrian Dix’s legal team. But it’s important to look into the future, past Enbridge. One has to consider the strengths a person would bring to the federal NDP caucus and also how they would work to improve the nation.

I look at Murray Rankin and I see someone who could make a real, enduring contribution to Canada as a Member of Parliament.