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Let’s talk about regional policing in British Columbia

Let’s talk about regional policing… three decades ago.

This article is from the Autumn 1978 issue of the B.C. Police Journal. Here are a few excerpts:

  • In the fall of 1977, the Attorney-General and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing together identified a need to examine a wide range of issues related to policing costs.
  • The major purpose of the project is to examine policing costs in British Columbia, how they are shared among Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments and then to consider practical cost-sharing alternatives.
  • The terms of reference also require a study of the possibility of regional delivery of policing services and other cost-related issues.

It seems this intractable problem has been around for a long, long time.

On a more modern note, there is a coffee meet up in Victoria to discuss amalgamation on Friday, September 28th from 9am to 10am.