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Saanich Community Roots

The July issue of Saanich Community Roots is now available online. This is a small community newspaper / magazine that I publish six times a year in partnership with the Quadra Cedar Hill Community Association.

Community policing in Esquimalt (fifteen years ago)

Community policing is difficult. For example, here are the findings of the 1997 audit regarding the Esquimalt Police Department and community policing.

EPD had years to embrace this approach to policing, and yet the organization struggled.

Freedom of Information in Esquimalt

Everyone in the CRD knows that policing in Esquimalt is a hot topic these days. With this in mind, I’ve submitted a couple of Freedom of Information requests. Here is what I’ve asked for:

  • The RCMP police service proposal submitted in response to RFP NO. ESQ-01-11. This request has been submitted to Esquimalt under the provincial FOIPP legislation and also to the RCMP under the relevant federal legislation.
  • All agendas and minutes of the Esquimalt Policing and Law Enforcement Advisory Board (EPLEAB).
  • The EPLEAB report (submitted to both Esquimalt and the provincial government).
  • All financial records of EPLEAB (its budget, expenses, etc.).

Please note that my goal in submitting these requests is not to imply criticism of a particular municipality or law enforcement agency.

Esquimalt Police Department circa 1997

Here is the summary of the 1997 audit of the Esquimalt Police Department by the BC Police Commission.

EPD doesn’t exist anymore, and neither does the BC Police Commission. Still, this is worth a read, particularly if you live in Esquimalt.